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Hallway Lights

My Hallway Lights, controlled by three MOSFETs and an Arduino


Now that we have some idea of the system architecture, it’s time to connect the thermocouple to the Arduino and see if it works.

From the datasheet, we see that it’s a pretty simple chip.  We connect the power to Vcc and Ground, the thermocouple to T+ and T-, and the SPI interface to the microcontroller.  Wait, what’s SPI?

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A friend of mine has a Big Green Egg.  This is a barbecue grill and smoker that’s fairly expensive, but made very solidly of ceramic, has the heat-retaining properties of a brick oven, and will last forever.

He would like to be able to use this to smoke meats for 10+ hours semi-attended.  There have been some projects doing this already, so I read a few web sites to see what they were doing.

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